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Susan's Story

Susan's before and after picture

After 6 months of consistent exercise and what I thought was a good diet, I hit a plateau. The RMR provided the calorie count I needed to lose weight as well as the suggested percentages of macronutrients (fat, carbs & proteins) needed each day. Using this information along with the Metabolic Meal app allows me to track the calories and monitor these percentages while helping me hold myself accountable to these guidelines. This created an elevated awareness of what I eat, which not only allowed me to lose weight but keep it off. The results have been amazing. In addition to weight loss, my body fat has decreased and I’m down several clothing sizes. Now that I have lost my goal weight and am keeping it off, I’ve added Inbody to help further analyze and track my body make-up so I can add muscle, which will help shape and define those areas that were once fat & flabby.  

As someone who had very little understanding of how weight loss actually worked (other than eating less calories), the testing (both RMR & Inbody) clearly and simply laid out my body composition and what I needed to do to maintain or improve. I now have the tools to easily understand my calorie consumption, monitor my progress and make adjustments when needed. 

Metabolic Testing provides easy to understand information and guidance, allowing simple adjustments to be made to further, or sustain weight loss while allowing you to track progress daily or weekly. 

If you’re someone like me who doesn’t understand the complexities of weight loss (macronutirents, percentages of these, etc), it has been huge. After testing, I now know what to look for and how to monitor, not only how many calories, but what makes up those calories. 

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