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Brooke's Story

Before and after picture of Brooke

Knowing my metabolic profile has helped me because I can see what kind of burner I am.  Meaning - I can see if I burn more carb calories or fat calories. I can see all this information when I wear my heart rate monitor and use the CardioCoach app. It allows me to keep track of my heart rate, and if I’m in the “zone” I need to be in to burn fat calories. I’ve been able to modify my workouts to cater to what my body needs in order to reach my goal weight and increase my endurance/intensity of workouts. I’m a big fan of intense cardio workouts, but doing only cardio means I burned too much muscle. So I’ve added more weight training to my workouts, and keep track of what zone my heart rate is in. 

The metabolic testing motivates me to have all the information I need to know about myself in order to help me achieve my goals. It helps hold me accountable for myself. The RMR test showed me how many calories I burn throughout the day, VO2 Max showed how healthy my heart is and what kind of calorie burner I am, and the InBody showed me my actual body fat and broke down my weight not just into water but also how much muscle I have in each limb. With all this information available to me, I felt more motivated to lose weight and improve my current level. We think we work hard in a workout until we see that our heart rate isn’t in the proper burn zone. 

I think metabolic testing can help everyone - we all have different goals when it comes to looks; whether it’s weight or a certain dress size. And each body is built and works differently from others. The workouts and nutrition I need for my body is different from another person. This testing gives people the tools they need to succeed when it comes to weight loss and improving fitness performance. There’s no guessing and you see how your body burns calories. You also see if you’re working out hard enough or, in some cases, working out too hard. If you’re a competitive person, like me, it motivates you to work harder and see what you can do. 

I would absolutely recommend the Metabolic Testing & Weight Loss Center to others. I’ve already had one friend come to complete all the tests and another one coming this week. 

Click here to get more information from one of our Metabolic Specialists.

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