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Success Stories

Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, that can be measured in many different ways. Here at the Metabolic Testing and Weight Loss Center we like to measure those successes in many ways.  The individuals you will read about below all set a goal to change their health, change their thinking, change their weight and in many cases, change their lives.  Some wanted to lose fat, others wanted to gain muscle and a few wanted to improve their performance.  Whether it was for health reasons or a different purpose, they all had one thing in common; they were determined to meet their goals. Making themselves a priority was key to their success and they each had a complete metabolic profile done. Knowing their RMR, VO2 Max and InBody results was not only enlightening but empowering.  Those results, along with changing their mindset, hard work and making a game plan, is what put them on the road to success. The first step in any journey is knowing where to start.  At the Metabolic Testing and Weight Loss Center, we have your start line. Impossible is only one perspective and these people did the impossible. Download a Free Fat Loss Plan

before and after photo of Pamula

Pamula Age 51

Impossible is only perspective, do the impossible.

"The metabolic profile has helped me better manage my diet and exercise, which has led me to accomplish my weight goals." Read more of Pam's story.

Age 40

Impossible is one perspective, do the impossible.

"I have lost a total 35lbs, dropped over 15% body fat, and most excitingly I am able to fit into clothes that are 4 sizes smaller." Read more of Zoe's story.



Age 48

Impossible is one perspective, do the impossible.

"After seeing my exact RMR, (it changes, I didn’t know that) I would use the Metabolic Meal App to make adjustments and sure enough the scale would start moving again." Read more of Lanie's story.

Age 58

Impossible is one perspective, do the impossible.

"As someone who had very little understanding of how weight loss actually worked (other than eating less calories), the testing (both RMR & Inbody) clearly and simply laid out my body composition and what I needed to do to maintain or improve." Read more of Susan's story.


Age 31

Impossible is one perspective, do the impossible.

"Knowing my metabolic profile has helped me because I can see what kind of burner I am. Meaning - I can see if I burn more carb calories or fat calories. I can see all this information when I wear my heart rate monitor and use the CardioCoach app. It allows me to keep track of my heart rate, and if I’m in the “zone” I need to be in to burn fat calories." Read more of Brooke's story.

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