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Pam's Story

Pam's before and after picture

The metabolic profile has helped me better manage my diet and exercise, which 

has led me to accomplish my weight goals.  

The metabolic testing eliminated all assumption of what I am  

“supposed” to be doing to achieve my weight goals. The VO2 provided me  

with my exact heartrate training zones and the RMR gave me the exact calories I need for my everyday life. 

Metabolic testing can narrow down any questions that someone  

may have on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet and  


I would encourage everyone to take a metabolic test. The results are  

going to provide you with information regarding calories burn, and  

oxygen usage during workouts. These tools will help you maintain a  

healthy lifestyle, whether it’s a weight loss or gain. I believe a person  

will feel better knowing what she or he needs to accomplish their goals. 

The metabolic testing will definitely help with that. 

Click here to get more information from one of our Metabolic Specialists. 

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