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About Us

"Impossible is only one perspective, do the impossible." 

Here at, Metabolic Testing and Weight Loss Center, we are focused on the individual and their goals. This means there is no one program, solution for everyone. We meet each of our clients at the microlevel, build and develope their program from there. 

Healthy Food

Our Story

With over 20 years of experience, the MT & WLC was given life from the need to help each individual at their current starting point and helping them navigate to a healthier, happier more metabolic life. We've embraced the fact that each individual has their own unique needs, starting points, and goals and each program should be treated as such. Though we do not claim to be able to treat, cure or prevent diseases, we can help establish a new set of healthier habits, that can aid in overall health and improvement, which in certain cases can leave our clients in a happier, healthier more empowering situation. Click here to see some of our clients success stories

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