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Lanie's Story

Lanie's before and after picture

I am a person who does better when I know what I should be doing and why, not just guessing what I should be doing and hoping for results. Knowing my metabolic profile and having the exact numbers for me has helped me achieve goals that I had only dreamed of before. With the combined outcomes of each test I have done, and the personal coaching, I have been able to lose a significant amount of weight, increase my cardio endurance, gain muscle and more than anything grown in confidence and self-worth. There is a lot of science behind seeing successful results in weight loss and body transformation. Barry explains each result and gives input in such a way that he empowers you to go and do the work that produces awesome results.  

Losing weight and transforming your body is a process that has its ups and downs. The times I was stalling with my weight loss I was encouraged to do my Resting Metabolic Rate again. After seeing my exact RMR, (it changes, I didn’t know that) I would use the Metabolic Meal App to make adjustments and sure enough the scale would start moving again. The Metabolic Meal App helps me to stay accountable to myself and to my coach. My coach can help me better when he can see what I am eating or not eating. Knowing this information helps when I get frustrated about my progress or lack of. Together we can look back on what I had been eating and see what was working or not working and make the necessary changes. One of my favorite tests is the inBody. It shows me where I am gaining muscle, losing fat and holding water and in each body area. I love looking at each new one and seeing where I have made progress, oftentimes I had not seen those changes in the mirror until after taking the test. Having each of these tools have helped me to stay on my journey of weight loss and has given me the push I need to keep going.  

For anyone who is wanting to transform their body the Metabolic Testing & Weight Loss Center would help them achieve their goals and sustain the outcome. If you have ever gotten frustrated because you didn’t see the results you wanted, give the Metabolic Testing & Weight Loss Center a try. If you apply all that you learn I am confident that you will find your own confidence to achieve all of your goals and more.  

I have tried before to lose weight but never had sustainable success. Metabolic Testing & Weight Loss Center comes alongside each person and teaches you how you can succeed at weight loss and body transformation once and for all-working together you will see results. You will be offered the tools and the support you need to succeed at your goals. I couldn’t recommend Barry, Lily and Metabolic Testing & Weight Loss Center more highly. I am a better person because of them, inside and out. 

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