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Diet Plan Note Book

Jump Start Your Fat Burn

Before Opening or Following: Read below and agree to get your plan. 

Liability Waiver

Before starting a weight loss program it is always advised to seek the medical guidance and opinion of your primary care physician or your primary practitioner. This is a general guideline to overall healthy eating and should not be used to diagnose, treat or cure any affliction, illness, or disease. Reader wherein will be knowing as proposed user ; is reading the information under their own willingness and have not been influenced or coerced into following this program from the position of a promise or assured predetermined results. Proposed user acknowledges that the plan isn't anything more that general suggestions. Information provided should not be reproduced, distributed, sold or otherwise, and if so the Proposed user assumes all liability form such actions. The suggestions are strictly for information basis and Proposed user will follow at their own discretion. Proposed User is reading the program under their own freewill and of sound mind, if Proposed User is not of sound mind then they should not agree to read said program. Any action the Proposed User  takes to use, borrow or decided to follow the program is completely at the Proposed Users own risk and Proposed User assumes all liability, responsibility and absolves Metabolic Testing and Weight loss Center and any affiliate's of all liability as a result either direct or indirect, negligent or non negligent of using, following, reading or obtaining of the plan. 

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