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Zoe's Story

Before and after picture of Zoe

By utilizing the resources that are available at the Metabolic Testing & Weight Loss Center such as the RMR, VO2 Max, and InBody testing, I have a personalized metabolic profile that gives me the most accurate information I need to work more closely with my personal trainer. We are able to more effectively target my nutritional needs and also structure my workouts more efficiently to attain my desired health and fitness goals; I am always an advocate of working smarter, not harder! Since using the center, I have lost a total 35lbs, dropped over 15% body fat, and most excitingly I am able to fit into clothes that are 4 sizes smaller - all within a period of 8 months. 

I like that the metabolic testing is quick and easy and I walk away with instant data. I personally like to have my InBody (for my body fat) tested weekly, RMR (for my resting calories burned) monthly, and VO2 (for my fitness level) quarterly. I like that the results are immediate and downloaded straight to the app on my phone so that I can easily and conveniently use that information to refer back to as needed.  

Metabolic testing allows everyone to more accurately monitor their own personal fitness and nutritional progress.  By taking advantage of the center’s testing resources, their workouts, nutrition, and rest days can be adjusted according to what their own body requires.  Every person’s body is different, and has different nutritional and exercise needs. That is why I feel testing is an important part of efficiently achieving success the best way for them. Whether their goal is weight loss, a reduction in body fat, enhanced fitness and endurance, obtaining their own metabolic profile will be time well spent to accomplish their ultimate goal. 

Until I began using the testing and resources available at the Metabolic Testing & Weight Loss Center, I always knew I wasn’t working out and eating as effectively as I could. My progress was always excruciatingly slow and extremely frustrating. Since obtaining my metabolic profile, I quickly achieved the results I had so long desired. I continue to use the center, as the continuous monitoring has held me accountable to keep my weight off; in fact, I now have new goals! If you want to achieve the results and goals you desire, without hesitation, I highly recommend scheduling an appointment at the Metabolic Testing & Weight Loss Center.  Testing for your own unique metabolic profile, and utilizing the additional resources that are available will be life changing, as it was for me.  

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