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Updated: Jun 25

What if every time you walked out the door to workout, you knew this session was going to help someone in need? Would you feel a little more motivated to stick to your workout routine? Here are four ways that your workouts could contribute to a greater cause:

Race for a Cause - at pretty much any time of year, there are races for charity everywhere you look. Marathons, 5Ks and walks raising money to fight breast cancer, diabetes and cystic fibrosis. If running isn't your thing, keep your eyes open for events that sponsor climbing, hiking and even snowshoeing (,

Create Your Own Event - Do you have a cause that you feel isn't well represented? Or maybe you have a neighbor or coworker that could use a little help. Organizing a group to workout with a cause doesn't have to be hard - it can be as large or as small as you would like. Simply find the charity you would like to donate to, or create your own fundraising page. Then spread the word and invite your friends and community to join your cause.

Exercise with a Friend in Need - Do you have a friend or a neighbor who needs a workout buddy, or even just a friend? Call them up and invite them to workout with you. Or if it's an elderly neighbor, make their visit a destination point for your run. You will feel much more motivated as you help each other to feel healthier and happier - and working out with a friend is always more fun!

Take the Dog - Who needs more love and attention than your four-legged best friend? Do your dog a service and take him on your run or hike. Don't have a dog? See if your local humane society needs help walking their dogs.

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