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Updated: Jun 24

  1. Add a serving of vegetables to each meal - We know that vegetables are good for us, but there always seems to be an excuse for why they aren't part of our daily diet. Veggies have fiber that will help to fill you up and provide many essential vitamins and minerals. Reality is the only thing standing between us and healthy raw vegetables is a quick trip to the grocery store. Go to the grocery store!

  2. Keep fruit on hand for a quick, sweet snack - The next time you are sitting at home watching television, choose to grab a piece of fruit instead of reaching for the chips or popcorn. Just like vegetables, fruit is full of vitamins and nutrients that our body needs and craves. Choose fruits low in sugar and high in fiber such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.

  3. Eliminate processed foods - Processed foods can contain high amounts fat, added sugar and salt, low amount of dietary fibers, and a negligible amount of beneficial nutrients. These foods are particularly bad for your health. High consumption of such foods increases the risk of many diseases and leads to obesity.

  4. Drink more water & drop the pop - This is an effort to stop "drinking your calories." Start by going out and getting yourself a water bottle. Fill it up with water at the beginning of the day, and begin by just drinking one bottle a day. When you're used to that, progress to two bottles a day. Eventually, you should be drinking your lean body mass in ounces of water per day. Our body needs water, and this may help you overcome feeling tired, lethargic, and even hungry. You'll be surprised how much more energized you feel when your body gets exactly what it needs!

  5. Pack a lunch for work - This may not be what everyone in the office is doing, but it may just save your life (and your wallet.) It's easy to look at a menu when eating out, and pick whatever "sounds good" without taking into consideration what is really in the dish and how many calories it has. Packing your own lunch gives you an opportunity to throw in those fruits and veggies we talked about, and lets you choose ahead of time what you will eat instead of allowing a hungry belly to make the decisions. Planning ahead will allow you to put together a lunch that is low in calories, high in fiber and nutritional benefits.

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