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5 Ways to Lose Body Fat Without Losing Muscle Mass

You want to lose body fat yet still maintain your muscle. You want to be lean. Losing body fat mass while keeping your muscles the same can be a bit tricky since they are actually two different goals. However, both are achievable with the right strategies.

  1. Cut your calories and increase your protein. You have to be in a caloric deficit to lose weight. That means eating less than what your body needs. To know exactly how many calories your body burns as energy, you have to know your resting metabolic rate. You can obtain this number by taking a short non-invasive assessment. Not only will you learn your RMR number, you'll also learn how your body uses fats & carbs as a fuel source. To schedule a RMR test, visit

  2. Add movement to you daily routine. Add cardio exercises like running, swimming, and biking. These large muscle exercises they use a lot of energy which means they burn a lot of calories. Add resistance training to build muscle. As we age, muscle mass naturally decreases. Starting around age 30 and continuing at a rate of 3–8% per decade. age, we lose muscle so it is important to add resistance training to your daily routine. A pound of muscle burns more calories at rest than a pound of fat.

  3. Include a HIIT workout. HIIT workouts are high intensity interval workouts. This means getting your heartrate up high for short periods of time followed by short periods of rest in between. A HIIT workout can include sprints, jumping jacks, burpees, and more. The idea is to repetitively do the exercise as fast as you can for a short period of time, rest, and repeat. HIIT workouts can burn more calories in less time than other workouts.

  4. Eat Clean. Fill your plate with non starchy vegetables. Leafy greens plus tomatoes and carrots add nutrients without adding too many calories. Eliminate processed foods. Bake, roast, grill or steam your food. Eat smaller portions, eliminate butter, and avoid rich thick sauces.

  5. Plan Meal & Snack Times. Being in a caloric deficit is how you lose weight. Eat smaller meals and spread them out throughout the day. Be sure to include a protein at each meal. This includes lean meats like chicken & white fleshy fish, Greek yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, and egg whites.

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