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Power Up Your Daily Routines

The humdrum of day-to-day and week-to-week pressures can often feel

tedious and draining. Sometimes, what motivates you might be a reprise, a

reason to count down the days. Other times, no such hope looms. What do

you do, then, when there’s no sunny beach or cozy ski lodge waiting on the

horizon? How do you breathe life back into your sometimes droll daily

routines, when your energy is low, and your goals seem impossibly high and

laughably far away?


Early to bed, early to rise.

We all know the adage, but for many, it’s easier said than done. Establishing a healthy sleep routine is worth the effort. Try to keep your routine consistent and predictable and resist the urge to hit the snooze button. Those extra ten minutes will do little to help you feel rested and even less to help you reach your goals.

You are what you eat.

Well, sort of. Just remember that the foods you take in will determine the energy you take forward with you. A well-planned, balanced diet is its own reward. The time it takes you to plan your meals and snacks will pay rich dividends in many forms, including your energy level. And be sure to try something new once in awhile to spice things up! Your trainer can help you to tailor your diet to meet your individual needs.

Get up and move.

This may seem counterintuitive, especially if you feel that you don’t have enough energy just to get through the normal pressures of your day. However, regular exercise – as opposed to sporadic efforts – will have powerful effects on your metabolism, which will ultimately energize you. Consult with your trainer and come up with a fitness plan that will best benefit you.

Let some things go.

Nothing will zap your energy quite like the feeling that you’re carrying a mountain of stress. Take time to analyze the pressures weighing on your mind. Consider carefully which things you can eliminate or put on hold, especially if your energy levels are low.

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