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Test Your Metabolism Often

Testing your metabolism regularly can provide valuable insights into your health and fitness journey. Here are three reasons why you should keep your numbers current:

Optimize Weight Management: 

Understanding your resting metabolic rate (RMR) can help tailor your nutrition and exercise plans for effective weight management. By knowing how many calories your body needs at rest, you can create a more precise calorie deficit or surplus to achieve your weight goals.

Your RMR can change with diet and exercise. Once you reach your goal, it is tempting to walk away from your weight loss habits. Be aware! Stabilizing weight loss through a structured maintenance plan is the most important key to success. Always keep your numbers current and those skinny jeans fitting just right by retesting every 4-6 weeks.

Personalized Nutrition and Fitness Plans: 

Metabolic testing can help you customize your nutrition and fitness plans according to your body's specific needs. It can reveal whether your metabolism is fast, slow, or average, guiding you in choosing the right foods and exercises to support your metabolism.

The VO2 Max test is a measure of your cardiovascular fitness. Your VO2 Max test can help you stay in your fat burning zone or avoid overtraining. As your cardiovascular health improves with training, your zones will change. Keep your zones current by having your VO2 Max retested every 12 weeks.

Track Progress: 

Regular metabolic testing allows you to track changes in your metabolism over time. This can help you assess the effectiveness of your lifestyle changes, such as diet modifications or exercise routines, and make adjustments accordingly to continue progressing towards your goals. To keep you accountable, weigh weekly on the InBody scale. The InBody results go straight to your phone and allow you to manage your progress and make changes to keep your diet and exercise on track with your goals.

Schedule your retest today. Stay focused on your goals.

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