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Why Track Your Food?

Updated: Jun 20

Studies have proven that people who track their food lose weight. The idea of tracking your food can be daunting and even tedious but the success rate for people who track their food versus those who don't can be the difference between success and failure when reaching your weight loss goals and keeping the weight off.

  1. Awareness and Accountability: Food tracking helps you become more aware of what you're eating and how much. It holds you accountable for your choices by making you conscious of portion sizes, calorie content, and nutritional value. This awareness can prevent mindless eating and help you make healthier choices.

  2. Identifying Patterns and Triggers: Tracking your food allows you to identify patterns in your eating habits, such as emotional eating triggers or certain times of day when you tend to overeat. This insight can help you address underlying issues that may be contributing to weight gain and develop strategies to overcome them.

  3. Setting Realistic Goals: By tracking your food intake, you can set realistic and achievable goals for weight loss. Knowing how many calories you're consuming and burning can help you create a calorie deficit, which is necessary for losing weight in a healthy manner.

  4. Optimizing Nutritional Intake: Food tracking can help you ensure you're getting the right balance of nutrients in your diet. It can highlight areas where you may be lacking (e.g., fiber, vitamins) and help you make adjustments to meet your nutritional needs while staying within your calorie goals.

  5. Tracking Progress and Celebrating Success: Keeping track of your food intake allows you to monitor your progress over time. Seeing improvements in your eating habits and weight loss can be incredibly motivating and rewarding. It also helps you identify what's working well so you can continue those habits in the long term.

There are lots of food tracking apps available on the internet. However, the Metabolic Testing & Weight Loss Center tracking app is unlike other apps. This app has your exact number of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates set within the app. It allows you scan items and enter recipes. If you choose, with the Metabolic Testing & Weight Loss Center app gives you access to a specialist who can see your food entries and offer guidance and advice. You can email at any time right from the app.

Overall, food tracking can be a powerful tool for weight loss by increasing your awareness, helping you set realistic goals, and providing valuable insights into your eating habits.

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