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It's no secret that there are certain times during the year that people tend to rededicate themselves to fitness. With the motivation of "swim suit season" and "new year's resolutions," summertime and the start of each new year tend to get crowded at the gym. But what about fall, when holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas can unintentionally take priority over our healthiest intentions? Here are 4 tips to help you keep control over your fitness year-round.

MAKE A PLAN - Whether it be 3 days a week or 6 days a week, decide on your plan and write it down. It is helpful to be specific with your plan, choosing a particular mode and duration for each day rather than a vague label of "workout." Once your plan is made, display it somewhere that you will see it every day. This could be on the fridge, bathroom mirror, anywhere where it will be prominent. When holidays are approaching, revisit your plan, and see if you need to make any adjustments so you are still getting the number of days in that you have committed to yourself. Healthy lifestyles don't take vacations, and it may be just what you need to avoid excess weight gain during the "sugary" holidays!

TELL SOMEONE YOUR PLAN - Letting someone close to you know about your plan will give you accountability apart from yourself both when you're at home and out of town. Having someone you can report to will also motivate you on the days that you really don't feel like keeping the commitment to yourself.

FIGURE OUT YOUR "WHY" - Why are you working out? The best type of motivation is intrinsic. Doing something because you have a strong personal desire and motive is the greatest drive imaginable for accomplishing and sticking with a goal. Once you figure out your "why," write it down and display it with your workout plan to remind yourself of your purpose in making this commitment to yourself.

GIVE YOURSELF THE PROPER TOOLS - Supply yourself with the tools to execute your plan. These tools may include a gym membership, a new pair of running shoes, some at home equipment or workout videos. Whatever it may be, set yourself up for success to help eliminate the excuse of not having what you need. This principle extends into vacations during the holidays. Plan ahead, and be aware of resources that may be available where you're staying. Bring workout clothes on your trip, and plan ahead what days and times you are going to commit to exercising.

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