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A Loser's Attitude

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Losing weight is tough. But keeping it off? That can often seem like an insurmountable feat! You’re not just losing a quick pound, but rather you are changing your entire lifestyle. To help you out, here are six attributes of successful losers that can help you make this change:

Believing --- Get a vision of who you want be. See in your mind’s eye a better version of yourself --- healthy, active, and happy. Don’t ‘‘go on a diet’’ or workout just to lose weight. Instead believe that if you change your eating and add exercise to your life, it will lead you to your goal of life-long health and wellness.

Proactive --- Have a plan --- pack your gym bag and put it in the car. Have a healthy lunch packed and ready to go. Eat nutritious snacks to satisfy your hunger cravings without going over your target calories. Take the time each week to plan how to be successful, with back-up strategies to help you stay on track no matter what.

Disciplined --- Maybe you don’t want to do what needs to be done, but do it anyway. Keep your eye on the goal --- your motto is, ‘‘It’s not about how I feel right now, it’s what I want for my future self.’’

Accountable --- Report to friends and/or family about how you are doing with your goals. Don’t be ashamed of or try to hide your lifestyle changes. Stand up for yourself when Dad suggests an all-you-can-eat buffet for dinner. And when you need help or support, ask for it.

Resilient --- Everyone makes mistakes. You will be successful when you don’t allow one mistake to be your defeat. When you stumble and fall, pick yourself up and keep going. If you keep messing up, look for solutions --- for example, say you get a doughnut every time you go to the gas station. Rather than kicking yourself over the doughnuts, get creative. Maybe you could try finding a gas station that rewards you for paying at the pump and avoid even seeing your temptation.

Self-Compassionate --- You are not perfect. It’s ok. Don’t attack yourself for gaining a pound. Conversely, understand that your self-worth is not going to increase just because you lost a few pounds. The scale is not a reflection of who you are, but simply a tool to help you stay on track. Learn to love yourself regardless of your weight.

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