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Becoming Organized For Success

Most of us are constantly reorganizing our lives, attempting to make life more accessible. Just this week you may have done some spring cleaning to make the garage more accessible, or cleaned out your computer so that you could find your important files faster. You can make your weight loss and fitness goals just as accessible if you apply those same principles to your wellness plan.

Organize Your Time.

Are you someone who excels in time management? Or do you find yourself struggling to get things done each day? If you are the master of your schedule, treat your wellness plan with the same respect as your other scheduled items – schedule your workouts like any other appointment, with consideration for shower and prep time afterward. Plan time for food preparation, grocery shopping, and sleep. Put these items in your calendar, and plan your life around them (with a Plan B for unexpected circumstances). If you struggle keeping a schedule, practice using a phone calendar where you can set alarms for yourself. If you always have your phone, it can always remind you about workouts and meal prep.

Organize Your Environment. It is hard to keep up a wellness routine when it feels like an obstacle course to get there. If your gym shoes aren’t in the gym bag, you have no healthy food in the fridge, or if you can’t sleep when your bed isn’t made, you may start to feel out of touch with your goals. Take the time to organize your environment. Put all of your workout gear in order, including a backup bag in case something happens to your regular bag. Stock your kitchen with all the food in your diet plan. Make your bed. Get organized so you can be ready for success.

Organize Your Mind.

Give yourself a little time to be mentally focused on your goals before you try to pursue them. Take a moment to give yourself positive reinforcement in the mirror, or to write down your end goal and hang it where you’ll see it every day. It is easy to get distracted by your busy life – make sure you create time to be relaxed and focused on your goals.

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