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Updated: Jun 25

Give yourself permission to be grateful. It's okay to have mixed feelings about your body. Be thankful for your beating heart and breathing lungs even though you might not love your waistline. Bottom line - it's all okay.

Write a list of things you're grateful to your body for, no matter how small. Be grateful for your legs that walk or your arms that allow you to hug someone you love.

Get your body moving. Your body is designed for movement and giving yourself the opportunity to stretch, move and play is one way to show appreciation for your body.

Get plenty of rest. Even though your body is designed for movement, your body needs to rest. Take time to slow down and recharge to keep your stress levels in check.

Stop comparing yourself to other people. The only comparison is the you yesterday to the you today. Stop paying attention to anything that is creating negative feelings about your body, even if that means unfollowing or unfriending people on social media. Also limit the amount of time you watch TV or read magazines that make you feel like you're not enough. Use that time instead to help you get more in sync with you and the things and people you love.


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